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Bitcoin Bonanza uses powerful fundamental and technical trading strategies within its advanced algorithm to trade cryptocurrency assets. The AI in our software is able to identify the best trading opportunities within the market and is then able to profit from them.


Bitcoin Bonanza is an automated trading app that only trades the most profitable trading signals. Investors don’t interfere with the trading process as the software enters and exits trades based on market analysis. For the manual trading mode, you can perform the trades yourself based on the signals generated by the software.


Bitcoin Bonanza uses the latest security protocols to safeguard customer information and funds 24/7. We partner with reliable brokers to make it easier to secure your money and to provide you with an all-inclusive trading environment. Bitcoin Bonanza takes privacy and security as top priorities and we ensure you have everything you need when trading cryptos.


The Bitcoin Bonanza community is comprised of both new and experienced traders and investors who are all making thousands of dollars per day trading cryptocurrencies with our software. Our members leverage the Bitcoin Bonanza algorithm to profit from the price volatility of cryptocurrencies each day. This has allowed them to gain financial and time freedom by working just a few minutes per day and earning thousands of dollars with little stress. You can now be a part of this group and you can simply register for free to join this successful Bitcoin Bonanza community.



Alicia S.
Crossett, Arkansas
Profit: €11,526.02

“I started using Bitcoin Bonanza two weeks ago after reading a review about the software. I surpassed the €10,000 mark in less than 10 days, and all I can say is the results have been amazing. I can only describe this software as a lifesaver. Cheers to many more months of success trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The fact is – if I can make money, so can everyone else!”

Michelle K.
Milford, Delaware
Profit: €7,342.99

“My first time trading cryptocurrencies and I struck gold. Joining the BR community is the best decision of my life as I’ve made over a 1000% return on my investment. With this software, I make enough money to take care of my needs and I get to focus on taking time off to enjoy holidays without worrying about finances. Thanks for this amazing opportunity BR. Love you guys!”

Jamal L.
Powell, Wyoming
Profit: €26,292.70

“It’s crazy that I’ve earned over €25,000 in less than a month doing practically nothing. Using Bitcoin Bonanza is like the best holiday you can ever have only that in this case, you get paid for working a few minutes per day. If you are looking to enter the crypto market to make money with little knowledge, then Bitcoin Bonanza has got you covered. Don’t waste time deciding. Join now!”

Samuel C.
Olympia, Washington
Profit: €10,199.52

“I encountered a few Bitcoin Bonanza reviews on multiple sites and decided to test it with $250. That was the best $250 I’ve ever spent as it has generated over $10,000 in just a few weeks. I’m excited about the future with Bitcoin Bonanza as this software makes it easy to trade and profit from cryptocurrency assets. Fantastic software for the average traders just like me – thank you.”


Bitcoin Bonanza deploys superior trading strategies to analyze the financial markets and as a result, it has become the leading software in terms of accuracy and speed with the revolutionary ‘time leap’ technology of seconds.


Bitcoin Bonanza is recognized around the world as the leading automated trading software. It has won several awards, including the prestigious Top Trading Software by the US Trading Association. Its achievements mean that it is the best software to use by both novice and experienced traders. The software supports both manual and automated trading modes, depending on your preference. Using the software is easy because of its intuitive user-interface.


Bitcoin Bonanza is the benchmark for rating other automated trading apps in the industry due to the success it has recorded in the last few years. We work with only reputable brokerage firms in the crypto space so that our members can use the best trading tools to access the markets. As a result of this, it makes it easy and convenient to make money trading Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency assets online.


Real-Time Trading Results of Bitcoin Bonanza Members



Complete the application form on our official homepage by providing some basic personal information and wait for the approval email. Once we activate your account, you can start using the Bitcoin Bonanza to earn instant profits. Note that there is no charge to open an account and we also do not charge any fees.


The next thing to do is to fund your trading account, so that there is trading capital available, and to start trading the assets. The minimum deposit amount is only $250, and you can then select the broker of your choice. The funds will enable you trade the various assets on our platform or the software will trade for you.


Finally, you can start trading by clicking the Auto Trading button and setting up your trading criteria. The Bitcoin Bonanza software will start trading for you and generating profits every day. You can withdraw the earnings whenever you wish to, without any hassle. You can use the manual trading mode if you desire more control.

Bitcoin Bonanza App

Bitcoin Bonanza is a cryptocurrency trading app that automatically trades on behalf of the trader. In this way, people with no knowledge of trading cryptocurrencies can still earn passive income with the help of our app.

The software is versatile as it works on all device browsers with Internet connection. The web-based user interface is easy to navigate, and beginners can start using it to earn profits instantly. You can trade manually or automatically, depending on your trading preference. When using the manual mode, you will decide the trades to enter into following the trading signals generated by the software.

In general, Bitcoin Bonanza has proven to be an excellent, reliable, and highly profitable trading software.


Is Bitcoin Bonanza a Scam?

The Bitcoin Bonanza is not a scam.

This is a legit auto trading software that has made many people rich over the years. Due to a large number of scam projects in the crypto space, it is easy to understand why you would think Bitcoin Bonanza is a scam. However, this software is an industry leader and the various testimonials online showcase the level of confidence in the system.

Thanks to the amazing results of our software, Bitcoin Bonanza has won numerous awards in the automated trading sector. We partner with the leading brokers in the industry to ensure you receive the best services and tools to enhance your trading success.

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How Cryptocurrencies Began

The global economic collapse of 2008 was the critical event that led to the development of Bitcoin. domain was registered in 2008 by a person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto. This was followed by the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper, which detailed how the cryptocurrency would function.

Satoshi introduced Bitcoin to the financial markets in 2009, after mining the first block in the same year. BTC (Bitcoin) was trading at a few cents back then, but it began to gain global recognition. In May 2010, Bitcoin was used in a real-world transaction for the first time after two pizzas were bought for 10,000 BTC. Interestingly, every May 22nd serves as the Bitcoin Pizza Day to signify the first time BTC was used in real-world transactions. In the same year, cryptocurrency exchanges started to rise as they provided an avenue for people to buy and sell the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin became a disruptive innovation, and it sparked the development of other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. By 2013, the market value of cryptocurrencies had surpassed the $1 billion mark. The market witnessed significant growth in the coming years, rising to $334 billion in 2017 as the BTC price peaked at $20,000 per coin.

In the last few years, Bitcoin and other digital currencies have been facing various challenges from regulatory agencies and exchange hacks. However, they remain innovative and continue to grow. More business, brands, networks, and online stores around the world are accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. All this means is that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and they will clearly dominate the financial markets in the long run. Based on this, now is the time for you to get in on this trading action and you can with the Bitcoin Bonanza.

What is the Bitcoin Bonanza System?

Bitcoin Bonanza is the top automated cryptocurrency trading software designed to make it easy for novice and experienced traders to amass profits from Bitcoin and crypto trading. The app was developed with a high-level trading algorithm that allows the app to easily detect highly profitable trading opportunities within the cryptocurrency market. Traders can decide to trade manually or you can allow our award-winning software to execute the trades for you. It is a web-based app, which means it is convenient to use at all times – no downloads or updates required.

Your trading expertise or financial knowledge doesn’t matter when using Bitcoin Bonanza; the software allows everyone to earn passive income from crypto trading.

Why Trade With Bitcoin Bonanza?

Bitcoin Bonanza is an excellent choice for people, with little time to trade or for those with no trading experience, as a result of the many advanced features that the software offers. These features make it possible to earn money from trading cryptocurrencies. Here are a few excellent reasons to choose the software:

Free Software

Bitcoin Bonanza app is free for all traders to use. There are no registration fees, deposit and withdrawal charges, or other hidden costs involved in using this app. Simply sign up and open an account to gain access to this leading software.

Supports Multiple Coins and Tokens

Bitcoin Bonanza supports the trading of over 100 assets. The cryptos you can trade include Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, and more. We also have fiat currencies like the US Dollar, GBP, Euro, CHF and more which you can trade.

No Installation

You don’t have to install anything when using Bitcoin Bonanza. We are a web-based platform, which means you can easily use our app on both mobile and computer devices with internet access.

High Success Rate

Bitcoin Bonanza has the top success rate in the automated trading industry.

Swift Setup

Setting up an account with Bitcoin Bonanza is easy and swift. On this official homepage, fill out the registration form by providing some basic personal information. Then, go ahead to fund your trading account and start using our software to trade the crypto assets. You get to keep all your earnings and can withdraw them without delays.

Daily Profits

If you want to make profits daily trading digital currencies, then you should sign up for Bitcoin Bonanza. The software is live 24/7, always scanning the markets, analyzing data, generating profitable signals, and executing the trades for you. In this way, you get to make profits each day of the week.

Small Startup Deposit

The startup deposit for Bitcoin Bonanza is minimal. At $250, the developers have set it low so that virtually everyone can start making money with the software. You can earn thousands of dollars per day with the software and you get to withdraw all your earnings whenever you wish to, without hassles or delays.

Safe and Convenient Payment System

Bitcoin Bonanza has put in place a safe and convenient payment system. You can fund your trading account and withdraw the funds with ease. Bitcoin Bonanza accepts major credit/debit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery). We also support other payment options, including local bank transfer and popular eWallets such as Neteller. All payment withdrawal requests are approved within 24 hours, and the funds are sent to the user instantly.

Demo Account

All our members have access to the demo accounts. These accounts allow you to test and adjust your trading strategies. It also enables you to understand how Bitcoin Bonanza works before you start live trading.

Customer Support

Bitcoin Bonanza customers get to enjoy A+ customer experience. Our support team speaks over 20 languages and are available 24/7. They will assist you with any questions you might have at any time.

Instant Account Verification

Bitcoin Bonanza follows the international security protocols to ensure the safety of funds and personal data. This is why we ask all our members to verify their accounts. Our account verification process is instant. We ask for accurate personal information when registering an account, and payment details when funding your Bitcoin Bonanza account.

Bitcoin Bonanza - Main Functions

Bitcoin Bonanza is the undisputed leader in the automated cryptocurrency trading sector. Here are some of its main features:


Trading Tester

Bitcoin Bonanza has an innate trading strategy tester that enables traders to conduct backtests and forward tests of their trading parameters and strategies. In this way, you can boost the performance of your trades and make more profits.

Demo Trading

The demo account option can be used by all traders to try out their trading parameters and to choose what works best for them before trading with real money. It is also an excellent way to get to see Bitcoin Bonanza in action before investing your hard earned cash.

Time Leap

The time leap feature is unique because it enables the software to determine market movement before these movements occur. With this feature, Bitcoin Bonanza identifies profitable trading opportunities and enters into these profitable trades instantly.

Top-Notch Customization

Bitcoin Bonanza has a high-end customization feature that allows you to be in charge of the trading activities while the software is in the automated trading mode. You can customize your trades by selecting the coins and tokens to trade, amount to stake, number of times to enter and exit trades, the take-profit and stop-loss limits, and more. Also, you get to choose between the manual and automated trading modes whenever you want to.


What is the cost of using the Bitcoin Bonanza software?

There is no fee attached to using the Bitcoin Bonanza software. The app is free for everyone to use. Just sign up and activate your trading account, fund the account, and start using our proprietary software for free.

What other fees, costs, or commissions should I expect?

We don’t have any extra or hidden fees, charges, or commissions when using our software. Once you are a member of the Bitcoin Bonanza group, you get to use our app for free and you can withdraw all your earnings with zero costs.

What should I expect to earn with Bitcoin Bonanza?

Our members can make an average of $1,300 per day. However, you can make more when you increase your trading capital and investments and effective better trading strategies.

What are the working requirements with the software?

Our software is automated, which means that it does most of the work for you. Users are only required to spend less than 20 minutes a day setting up their trading parameters. Bitcoin Bonanza starts to work from there in automated mode and works non-stop to ensure you make profits every day.

5 What is the maximum profit I stand to make with Bitcoin Bonanza?

There is no maximum profits you can make with the software as you can use it for as long as you wish to. Some of our members started with the deposit requirement of $250 and were able to earn their first $1 million in a few months.

6 What is the legitimacy status of the Bitcoin Bonanza platform?

Bitcoin Bonanza is a safe and legal automated cryptocurrency trading software. It is the creation of a group of fintech experts with decades of experience under their belt. We partnered with trusted and reliable brokerage platforms in the crypto space so our users can be sure of the security of their personal data and money. You can read the testimonials of our members and check out the live profit feed to get a better idea of our software and its capabilities.

7 Who developed the Bitcoin Bonanza software?

Bitcoin Bonanza was developed by a diverse group of fintech gurus, with vast knowledge in economics, trading, and software development.

8 Does Bitcoin Bonanza function like an MLM or affiliate marketing scheme?

NO, it doesn’t. Bitcoin Bonanza is an industry-leading software designed to generate profits for both new and professional traders in the cryptocurrency market.

9 What do I need to do to join the Bitcoin Bonanza community?

To join us, kindly fill out the short registration form on the top right corner of our website. Afterwards, you can select your favorite broker, fund your trading account, and start trading with our proprietary software for free.